The 2006 Annual Meeting of the Chinese Astronomical Society (Taiwan)

The 2006 Annual Meeting of the Chinese Astronomical Society (Taiwan) will be held in National Museum of Natural Science on April 28-30, 2006. Papers in all fields of astronomy and astrophysics are solicited. This is the annual meeting for astronomers and astrophysicists in Taiwan to report their research and to exchange their ideas.

The three-day annual meeting will include plenary invited talks, parallel scientific sessions, poster presentation, and business meetings.  The Program Committee and the Organizing Committee sincerely invite you to participate all these activities.

Period : April 28-30 (Friday- Sunday), 2006

Venue :

National Museum of Natural Science, Taichung
(1, Guancian Rd., Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C. )

Invited speaks :

Prof. Charles Alcock,
Director of Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, and Professor of Harvard University
Topic: Shadows of faint Objects: The use of indirect techniques in astronomy

Prof. Jay Pasachoff,
Professor of Williams College
Topic: Syzygies: transits, occultations, and eclipses

Prof. Pasachoff studies astrophysical situations with a variety of three-body alignments. He will discuss his studies of transits of Mercury and Venus, with ramifications for understanding exoplanet transits; his MIT-Williams group's studies of occultations of stars by Pluto and Charon and ramifications for studies of Pluto's expanding atmosphere and Charon's formation; and his group's recent observations of the 29 March 2006 total solar eclipse and its potential ramifications for understanding the heating of the solar corona.

Sponsor :

Chinese Astronomical Society (Taiwan)
National Museum of Natural Science

Co-sponsors : Astronomy Association of Taichung ,
Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica
Graduate Institute of Astronomy , National Central University

- CAST 2006 Annual Meeting Reception Party on April 28, 19:30 pm, Welcome to Join !

- ALMA Taiwan Town Meeting in Taichung, April 29