Venue | 2017 ASROC Annual Meeting
2017 ASROC Annual Meeting
National United University, Miaoli



International Conference Hall, National United University (NUU) (Bajia Campus)
NUU Bajia Campus Map
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National United University is located in Miaoli City. It is only 12-minute drive from the Maoli Railway Station. The transportation there is quite convenient.
For details please visit the following website:
Location & Instructions
    Shuttles between Miaoli City and the meeting venue are arranged. Below are the information about the morning Shuttles:
  • 5/19 from Miaoli THSR Station (Departure: 9:20am), from Back Site of Miaoli Railway Station (Departure: 9:30am);
  • 5/20 & 21 8:30am from Front Site of Miaoli Railway Station.
  • Seats are limited. Priority is given to people who had registered. The bus will depart on time. Apologies for any inconveniences caused.
  • Students wearing 聯合大學能源系 (NUU Dept of Energy Engineering) Vest will be guides near THSR and Railway Stations before the departure time.
  • Location of the Morning Shuttles [pdf file]


  • Discounts are provided to the participants of ASROC 2017.
  • Lily Plaza Hotel Tel: (037)270456. Breakfast buffet is provided.
    • Single Room NT$1,680, with 1 breakfast
    • Twin Room NT$1,960, with 2 breakfast
    • Triple Room NT$2,520, with 3 breakfasts
    • Quad Room NT$3,200, with 4 breakfasts
    • Address: No.85, Zhonghua Rd., Miaoli City, Miaoli County 360, Taiwan map
    • Note: Contact person: Manager Deng. Check-In: after 15:00, Check-Out: before 12:00
  • Wang-Fu Hotel Tel: (037)273055, Breakfast buffet is provided.
    • Double Room NT$2,400, with 2 breakfast
    • Twin Room NT$2,600, with 2 breakfasts
    • Triple Room NT$3,200, with 3 breakfasts
    • Quad Room NT$3,600, with 4 breakfasts
    • Address: No.3, Sandong Ln, Weigong Rd., Miaoli City, Miaoli County 360, Taiwan map
    • Note: Contact person: Mr. Yu. Check-In: after 14:00, Check-Out: before 12:00
In addition to the above two hotels who have agreed to provide discounts, in Miaoli City there are also other hotels, such as The Spot Coffee Company, Green Yard Bussiness Hotel, and San Tong Hotel, etc. You may contact them by yourself.


Date: 2017/05/20(Sat)
Time: 2:00pm ~ 5:00pm
Itinerary: Long Sheng Broken Bridge, Shengsing Train Station, Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum.(Up to 80 persons. First come first serve.)
Fee: NTD200/per person
  • You can either join the Tour arranged by the meeting or visit other spots in Miaoli. The following page is for your reference: (Escape to Miaoli).

Lunch Banquet

Time: May 20 noon~2pm.
Place: Chun Tian Yao (Address: No. 7 DaPin, XuanoTan Village, SunYi Township. Tel: 037-877820).
Fee: NTD50/per person