2014 ASROC Annual Meeting
NTU Experimental Forest, Nantou



NTU Experimental Forest, Xitou Nature Education Area, Red Tower (Conference Building)


For those planning to travel by public transportation, the most convenient option is to take the Taiwan Railways to Taichung or the Taiwan High Speed Rail to Taichung (Wuri) and make the connection to the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle to Xitou. For more details and other travel options, please refer to the following page:


  • Xitou Education Center http://www.exfo.ntu.edu.tw/sitou/cht/11teaching/
    • Meeting participants received 40% discount in the lodging expense.
    • The block-reservation rooms in student dormitory at the Education Center have all been booked. It is to our knowledge that rooms at the Leader Hotel as well as the Xitou Youth Activity Center in the Education Area are all sold out for the night of May 24th. For those who still need to make hotel reservations, please contact directly other possible lodging options (such as the Ming Shan Hotel, the Ginkgo Hotel, and others outside of the Education Area), or contact Mr. HONG, Chih-Yuan via email at "autols1217@gmail.com" regarding a new guesthouse (B&B without breakfast) to open for business in May. This guesthouse is close to the Ginkgo Hotel, thus within walking distance to the Education Area and the meeting venue. There are 10 2-people rooms (room rate: NTD 1500 per night without breakfast) and a few 4-people rooms (room rate: NTD 3000 per night without breakfast) reserved for meeting participants at the moment.
  • Leader Hotel http://www.leaderhotel.com.tw/chitou/
  • Xitou Youth Activity Center http://chitou.cyh.org.tw


Date:2014/05/24 (Sat.)
  • Tour A: Xitou Nature Education Area
    • Chinese and English guided tours or free independent travel
    • The route of guided tours includes Giant Tree, Sky Walk, University Pond.
    • Recommended routes for free independent travel are:
      1. Bamboo Cottage, Giant Tree, Sky Walk, Giant Tree Trail, University Pond Trail, Amphitheater (5.6 km)
      2. Bamboo Cottage, Giant Tree, Sky Walk, University Pond, Amphitheater (6.6 km)
    • 2-3.5 hours for tour
  • Tour B: Mt. Fenghuang Overlook and Astronomical Observatory
    • 1,800m altitude
    • Fenghuang Valley and Sun Moon Lake overlook
    • 2 groups (20 peoples each):
      • [B1] 13:30 departure from Red Tower, 14:10 arrival & observatory tour, 14:40 return by bus or on foot. (The walk downhill is estimated to be up to three hours)
      • [B2] 15:20 departure from Red Tower, 16:00 arrival & observatory tour, 16:30 on-site sightseeing, 17:00 return by bus (ONLY)
    • 14:40–17:40 Pedestrians have two downhill scenic routes to select:
      1. Giant Tree Trail and Phoenix Mountain Ridge Trail (8.1 km)
      2. Giant Rock, Giant Tree, Sky Walk, Amphitheater (8.8 km)
    • NTD 100 per person for transportation fee
  • Links:
  • N.B.: The actitvity of firefly peaks in late May during ASROC meeting.


Ming Shan Resort:http://www.mingshan.com.tw