Tour & Banquet
  • Group Tour - Half-day itinerary (click for more info. of scenic spots)
    Time: May 25 (Saturday) 13:30 - 19:00
  • Excursion A -- travel around the Penghu island
    (Experienced tour guide will lead us to an interesting journey)
    Scenic spots in itinerary Stay time
    Tongliang great banyan ~ 20 mins
    Penghu Great Bridge ~ 10 mins
    Xiaomen Islet ~ 50 mins
    Erkan Historical Village ~ 50 mins
    Siyu Lighthouse ~ 30 mins
    Lintou Park ~ 30 mins
    Back to Magong and go to banguet --
    Excursion B -- Offshore rangeland
    Scenic spots in itinerary Stay time
    take speedboat at Nan-hai wharf to offshore platform and experience :
    • 【Fishing squids】 different experience from fishing
    • 【Cobia feeding show】 try feeding cobia by yourself
    • 【Char-grilled oysters】 tasty and fresh char-grilled oysters
    • 【Seafood porridge】 karaoke on offshore platform for free!
    ~ 150 mins
    Aimen Beach ~ 90 mins
    Back to Magong and go to banguet --
    1. Fare information:
      For excursion A, the fare is estimated to be about NTD 450 per person (including transportation, tickets, insurance, driver's and guide's tips, and bottled water).
      For excursion B, the fare is estimated to be about NTD 450 per adult and NTD 450 per child (2- to 12-year-old) (including transportation, activity fee, oysters and seafood porridge, insurance, and bottled water).
      The actual fare will be determined based on the final number of participants in each tour.
    2. ASROC 2013 will provide transportation at the end of the tour to the conference banquet venue.
    3. A tour with fewer than 20 registrants will be cancelled.
    4. Tour fare should be paid on site at registration.
    5. For more travel information of Penghu please visit:
      Penghu Tour Web Site:
      Penghu National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau:
    6. Penghu Ocean Fireworks Festival 2013 will be held on every Monday to Thursday during April 18 - June 24, 2013.

  • Banquet
    Time: May 25 (Saturday) 19:00 -
    • Location: A-Dong restaurant (阿東餐廳)
    • Address: No.6, Ln. 6, Xindian Rd., Magong City, Penghu County
    • TEL: (06)9260203
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